How to use the Naris Egg Peel Mask

2:48 PM

This is how I use the mask.

-Wash face.
-Pat face dry.
-Apply your usual moisturizer and wait for it to absorb into your skin.
-Apply mask thickly.
-Wait for mask to dry 10-20 minutes.
-Peel mask from top to bottom to reduce irritation.
-Apply more moisturizer if needed.

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  1. Great vid! Thanks tammy!! I was wonderin how it worked!

    LOL!! Chipmunk Tammy at some parts!! ANd you look great even without makeup!

  2. cool vid...ur face did look funny lol!! where can i find that mask???

  3. Thanks for this in depth application vid mama! You girls look so amazing even without makeup I swear! ;) I would have never thought to put the moisturizer on before to help with removal too. Great vid!

  4. I love your vids!!

    I am naughty - I dont use any moisturiser before applying this stuff.

    Hav eyou ever tried the Queen Helene peelies??


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