The Real Olive Oyl FOTD

6:22 PM

Hi loves!!! If you follow me on twitter than you know that I wasn't able to do the look I wanted to do on Halloween for my Olive Oyl costume, it was raining & we had a lot of walking to do so I decided to a simple look that day. I didn't want to do a full face & walk in the rain and end up looking like some demented Olive Oyl..hehe!

So today I decided to dress up again & do my makeup the way I would have done it if the weather had permitted me too.

Here's my vision of a more modern day Olive Oyl -

This Olive Oyl has curves!!  ;)

This is what happens when I get mad..hehe

Popeye wasn't the only one with a pipe...

Some close ups..

Sorry for the hair..I went outside for better lighting and the wind was really

Here's what I used to accomplish the look:

-Bobbi Brown Peach Corrector
-Maybelline 24 Hour Foundation
-Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Powder
-Elf Blush/Bronzer Duo  (just used the bronzer)
-Maybelline Smoke Signals Eyeshadow Palette
-MAC MSF in Warmth
-NYX Lipgloss in Golden Red
-Bliss Eyelashes from Wuz
-Duo Eyelash Glue

Hope you liked my take on the modern Olive Oyl!!

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  1. I told you on Twitter Olive Oyl never looked so good with curves!! Very sexy!! Too bad you couldn't sport this full look on Halloween! Popeye would've had to eat a lot of spinach to keep them boys away! ;)

    ps. I love the b&w pic of you in the mirror with the pipe!! SEXY!

  2. You look great! Your lips are so shiny and your lashes are quite dramatic!

    Haha, love your poses ^-^

  3. You are the cutest OLIVE OYL everrrrrrr.... when i was smaller, my dad used to call me Olive Oyl...then it changed to Lil Miss Muffet... puwahhahahha

    verrrrrrrrrrrry cuuute entry!!!

  4. you make a gorgeous olive oyl! shame you weren't able to do this look for halloween, but thanks for recreating it for us - very hot!

  5. OMG! your sooo gorgeous!! rawr! i LOVE it!!

  6. You totally rocked this look, sooo gorgeous! :)

  7. you need an olive oyl bun! you are sooooo adorable! well turned sexy with those hot mama shoes! perfect smokey eye!!


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