Another Excuse to Party is OK with me!

11:43 AM

This weekend my brother in law got married!! Here are some pics from that day..

My mother in law with her boys.

The bride & groom.

My sil (sister in law - pics below). I did her hair & makeup for the wedding, but we were in such a rush I didn't get a good picture of it. Here are 2 really good pics of her though.

Doesn't she look so mobster here..?? I mean HARDCORE!! lol

The guys also took their best "I'm Important Pics" Cigar & whiskey in hand..lets be real guys..the lady above did it BEST!!

There was dancing..

The standard cheesy pics..
Me & Christine

Christine, Brian (brother in law), & me

This may be my favorite picture ever of me & my hubby..!! Thanks Bri!!

The siblings...

There was also a photo booth where we all took some hilarious pics!! I promise to post those pics once they are up on the website.

Congrats to Kevin & Katie!!!

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  1. Great post. You always look so frikkin beautiful in every post! Hiro things you are stunner too...hahaha

  2. congrats to them

    and that photo of u and hubs is gorgeous

  3. Muah! I love the pic of us babes, we need to frame it!

  4. Congrats to their wedding! you look really great here, so are they :D

  5. aw you guys look so cute together..Congrats on the wedding! :)

  6. congrats to the newlyweds :) you and your hubby look so cute in that pic!

    eye spy...quite a few fascinators in those photos!

  7. Looks like a great fun wedding! And you look amazing!

    Even though you can't see the MU to well, the hair you did looks fab! :)

    Congrats again to your BroNLaw!


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