Let's Play Makeup

2:24 PM

This is a random look I put together a few weeks ago. I really don't remember much of what I used, but I know I applied MAC Satin Taupe over a black base on my lids to achieve this look.

I'm pretty sure this was one of my I just want to play with makeup days.
I think the video below was my inspiration for the eyes.

When I used to live at home with my mom I would constantly practice new makeup looks & show them off to her & then wash them off before bed. I wish I knew about blogging back then. I miss having that type of time!!

Fess up ladies...how many of you apply makeup just to 'play'??

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  1. lovely look.....I usually just use my makeup to play around & wash it after...as I'm not so confident on my skills on applying it...

  2. OH MY GOSH, I thought I was the only one, I may be tired as balls, but I go into the bathroom @ 11:30 pm and start playing....just to wash it off in 20 minutes, ahha (to think I rarely wear makeup on weekdays but I do put it on at night right before bed, haha)

    You are plain adorable!!! Great shots :)

  3. Gorgeous Tammy! This is one of the top looks from you!! I hardly "play" with MU anymore! LOL!

  4. very gorgeous look I've been lemming Satin taupe but I always forget to get it when I go to MAC

  5. very pretty :) I know you just got a bit of a haircut, but your hair looks really long again! maybe it's the lighting...maybe I'm just in awe of your shiny locks :)

    sometimes I'll play with my makeup on the weekend, after MG leaves...and then wash it off an hour later and plop on a sheet mask

  6. you look great! I always play with makeup when I'm not going anywhere :) i take it off straight after unless it looks exceptionally good, I just keep it there for around an hour


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