My Mailbox Smells like Cherries!! - Love Packs!

11:00 AM

I have no idea what I've done lately to deserve so much love, but some blogger ladies lately have really spoiled me!! I'm a little behind on posting these pictures since I did receive some of these packages over a month ago, but that doesn't make this post any less special.

Yasumi crafted me this wonderful coin purse. Look at the cute kitty on it!!! He reminds me of a dapper Dom. This is way too cute to put filthy coins in so I use it to store my stud earrings.  Thank you Yasumi!! =)

Linea mailed me these goodies a while ago and completely cheered me up when I was having such a sad day. Look at all of these great goodies!! I adore ELF lipglosses and this Revlon lipstick in Lilac is an AMAZING color, it my new favorite!! Thank you Linea!  =)

Vanessa is like my sister from another Mister. I really think she can read my mind!! Look at how cute everything is! As soon as I opened this package and saw the Harajuku bag I immediately emptied my current makeup bag and put my goodies into this new's absolutely adorbs!! Ahem and do you spy what I spy..?? MAC Mineralize blush in Hang Loose!! This color is even more amazing than I thought!! Thank you Van!!  =)

Mel also sent me a love pack & I knew I would love it the minute I opened my mailbox, because my mailbox suddenly smelled like HEAVEN!! I opened this package and I saw goodies from the The Body Shop that I never THOUGHT to try, I'm usually not a fan of cherry but this Wild Cherry soap & lotion smell AMAZING!! I immediately applied the lotion and I was smelling myself all day, people must have thought I was           Thank you Mel!!  =)

Thank you ladies!! You have all made my day and made me smile! I appreciate it.

Who's made you smile lately??

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  1. Ooh! How sweet of all these bloggers!
    You're certainly spoiled! LOL

  2. Wow! Those are lots of goodies!

  3. Awwwww.... Mel made me smile lately too!! I got one too!! YAY For use!! she is really sweet! :)

  4. those girls are so kind..what is the name of the elf and nyx l/g?

  5. @Sofia The ELF lippie is Miami & the NYX lippie is Tea Rose


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