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Good Morning Ladies!!
Today's items to review are makeup removers, but not in the traditional form - I won't be talking about wipes or oil based removers.
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Sephora Collection Daily Brush Cleaner $6
I bought this because I'm always cleaning my brushes & I thought this might be a quick fix. I imagined it to be like a dry shampoo for hair. 

Directions: Just spray this purifying formula onto a tissue or directly onto brush bristles, then lightly swipe your powder, blush, eye, and lip brushes across tissue for a fabulous dose of freshness. No rinsing needed!

I first tried it on a dirty Sigma SS188.

The results. Some of the makeup was removed, but my brush still looks really dirty.

I tried it again on a Sigma SS217.

The brush looks much cleaner & I would use it again.

Overall: I think this is a good product for those that are constantly on the go or for those that don't have a lot of makeup brushes since you would need to clean them often. I personally don't think this does much for face brushes - those products are meant to last much longer, but I think it does a decent job on eye brushes.
I don't think I would buy this again though, my makeup wipes do the same job.

The next item we're going to take a peek at is the:

Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Foaming Cleanser $5
Oil Free

I will cut straight to the point - I really like this product. I think this does a good job of removing natural makeup, if you're wearing heavy eye makeup or a ton of foundation this will not work for you. I personally use this every day and night. At night I first remove my makeup with an ELF makeup wipe (review here) since my eye makeup takes a little work to get off. I use this in the morning too because it's super gentle and I feel like it doesn't strip my skin, even with this cooler weather.

Overall I think this is a good cleanser, not exactly the best makeup remover though. I would definitely buy this again, but only for the cleansing purposes not the makeup removal properties.

Have you tried any of these products..?? Will you now?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I havent tried these but I will try 'em if I encounter 'em upon me strolls!

  2. Nice, I haven't tried any of these products. I'll keep my eyes out for the C&C cleanser. andyea, the Sigma brush looks like it hasn't been touched in the after pictures!


  3. im not a fan of clean and clear (breaks me out) or sephora brand (so far!)

    but i am definitely in the market for an "on the go" brush cleaner ( :

    thank you so much for keepin up with my blog <3

  4. i have that sephora brush cleaner - it's nice to use on eye brushes to remove shadow in a pinch, but i plan to look for something else if & when i use up the bottle.


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