Beloved Lilac - My New Favorite Lipcolor

10:13 AM

In high school my favorite lip color was a beautiful dark pink lip, it was so dark it was almost purple. I always received compliments when I wore this lippie, but when other people went out and bought it they always complained that it didn't look the same on them. I guess being tan makes the purple work.  ;)

Enter the college years where I decided to go for a more natural look (IE too lazy to wear ANY makeup) and I ended up losing that lipstick. Till this day I have NO idea what brand it was or anything. In the more recent months I've been on a mission to recreate that high school lip & I wanted to show you my latest efforts & my new favorite lip color.

This process involves 2 products - a lip liner and a lipstick. 
CoverGirl Lipliner in Beloved & Revlon Lipstick in Lilac

CoverGirl Lipliner in Beloved & Revlon Lipstick in Lilac
*gasp* I know I never use lip liner, but I was getting desperate people!!
Here are my lips with just the liner.

My lips with the lip liner/lipstick combo. Isn't this color so pretty?!?

What is your current favorite lipcolor?

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