September Favorites 2011

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Happy Monday!!! 
Can you believe it's October already?!? I love the month of October, but quite honestly I would happily skip Nov-March & hop to April. I really dislike the cold..brr!!! 
Well since it's the beginning of a new month that means it's time to talk about my favorites of last month, so here we go!

L'oreal LeGloss - My favorite lip gloss & it smells like cake!  Review here!
MAC - Ricepaper. I use this under my eyes and it gives me a well rested look.
Super cool trick to brighten under eye areas. Watch here! 
Skin Care
Nuance Foaming Face Wash - This does a great job of removing my makeup & cleaning my skin without drying it out. Watch my video review here! 

Nuance Body Oil -I have a thing for body oils and the coconut scent of this really wins me over. Video review here!
Suave Wild Cherry Blossom Lotion - The scent of this is very light and sweet, it's just light enough not to irritate my sensitive nose. The quality of such a 'cheap' lotion surprise me, this is a good moisturizer for those with normal skin.

Hair Care

*note: I have NO idea how the top of this picture got cut off, it looks fine on my camera!!
Got2b Smooth Operator - This is a great smoothing lotion!! The feels very light on your hair, but it does a great job of smoothing down frizzy spots.
Aussie Sprunch Catch the Wave Hairspray - I use this when I wear my hair wavy and it does a great job of holding my waves in place without making them crunchy. 
What were your September favorites? 

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