$1.79 Goes a Long Way!!

11:41 AM

In yesterday's blog entry I spoke about my WILD Saturday night at Harmon's.  What I didn't tell you was what I actually bought while I was there. Lately it seems like everywhere I turn someone is talking about the Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipsticks. I have a few in my collection that I LOVE, but I wanted to add a few more to my stash.

Meet my new Mega Last Lipsticks. 
 Red Velvet, Cherry Bomb, & Cherry Picking.

Look at how pigmented these are!!
Red Velvet, Cherry Bomb, & Cherry Picking.

The best part..?? These are only $1.79 each!!! Major steal!!

What's the last bargain you picked up?

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  1. Check out that pigment!!! WOW!!!

  2. They don't sell them om the Island , I got cherry picking as a present from a cousin who lives abroad. I really want that cherry bomb, its is matte is vampy it is ME. You lucky you can find them and for that price.

  3. New follower :) I love Wet n Wild :) Great quality and pigment for the price!

  4. im just getting into those lipsticks! they have great colors!


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