MAC Archie's Girls Blushes

11:06 AM

As soon as I heard about the MAC Archie's Girls Collection I KNEW I was going to buy something from it! I loved reading Archie comics growing up! I didn't buy much, especially since I don't NEED it and because I'm trying to buy more natural products.

Here are the two products I did buy - Prom Princess (Veronica) and Cream Soda (Betty) blushes.

The packing is really cute!!

Prom Princess blush is VERY pigmented and you have to use a light hand when applying this. I'm really happy I bought this because I don't have a blush in this shade.

Cream Soda is not very pigmented. Actually I was really disappointed in this blush, it barely shows up on me. I think this blush is only suited for those with VERY fair skin. Sadly I'm returning this.

Did you buy anything from the MAC Archie's Girls collection?

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  1. I was torn between the blushes - I ended up ordering Cream Soda...hopefully it will show up on my skin. Prom Princess looks vibrant and gorgeous but I don't think I could pull off wearing such a bold shade - can't wait to see you use it for a look though!


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