My Perfect Nude Lips

5:07 PM

L'oreal recently came out with a collection of nude lip colors made to suit a range of skin tones. I bought two that I am loving. Finally a nude for tan girls. Note: this is a pinkish nude, not peach. The two need lip colors I bought were the Eva Longoria nude and JLo nude - latina and tan - Score!

Eva & JLo lipsticks. 
Note: Their signatures on the tubes.

Eva & JLo lipsticks.

Wearing the Eva lipstick. This is my favorite of the two colors. It's just more natural looking. 

Wearing the JLo lipstick. I like this color, but it's not as flattering as the Eva lipstick is on me. I can see myself wearing this when I'm rocking a smokey eye. 

Please watch the video below for more information on the collection and some ramblings.

What is your favorite nude lipstick?

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