Biore Free Your Pores Self Heating One Minute Mask - Quick Review

12:16 PM

Welcome back to Face Mask Friday! 

Biore Free Your Pores Self Heating One Minute Mask

Anyone else remember the original look of these masks? They came in little pods that have way too much product. Thankfully Biore improved the packaging, but the formula feels very much the same. This mask heats up (I mean REALLY heats up!!) and then cools down. The results remind me of when you steam your face and then apply a mask. My face is left feeling CLEAN, but not dried out. This masks makes my face feel like I pampered it for hours, while really only spending a minute. WARNING the heat in this mask is most likely too much for sensitive skin and likely to cause a reaction. FYI - my skin is oily and can be acne prone.

Tell me about your favorite face masks. 

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