Mommy Monday - Toddler Grooming

11:36 AM

See this little diva..? Cute, right? 
She's not that cute when I'm trying to brush her hair or cut her nails. 
Two things I like to do fairly regularly to her.

So how do I cut her nails/brush her hair..? Simple!! Just add water!!

I sound like an infomercial now..

Whenever Kaley is especially fussy I put her in the bath and as she drinks her juice and plays with her toys I brush her hair.
That ponytail was done with love!!

On her not to fussy days I give her a toothbrush to play with, put her in a dry sink (it's like your own salon chair), and cut her nails/brush her hair in there. This tip also works for snot removal. 

Any toddler grooming tips you would like to share?

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