Mommy Monday - Late Talker Toddler

3:51 PM

My daughter was a late talker. At 2 years old she really wasn't saying much besides the basic words - mama, dada, and a few other words. It wasn't something that I noticed much until she was around other children her age. Everyone told me not to worry (including her doctor), but as her mom I knew I need to do more to get her caught up. 

Here are the products and books we used to help my daughter talk more.

- Baby Babble DVD -
- Spanish First Words by J. Hutchins -
- My Toddler Talks Strategies and Activities -
- Balanced Essentials Liquid Vitamins -
- Animal Parade Vitamins -

Note: Bilingual children are often late talkers, but they normally catch up by 3-4 years of age. 

I hope this helps any parents out there looking for help with their late talker. 

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