What's New at the Drugstore

11:54 AM

I was strolling through my local Walgreens last week and came across a few new beauty goodies.

Please excuse the graininess of these pictures, I was holding a squirmy toddler as I took these pictures. 

Retro Barbie makeup bags, lip gloss, lashes, and blush. 
Reminds me of the ELF collections that they put out with the Disney princesses. 

Sinful Colors #ShowYourPride Nail polish collection. 

I can't believe MaxFactor is back in the US!! This was one of the first drugstore makeup brands I tried. I remember my grandmother (the reason I became obsessed with makeup) owning a few things from this brand. I'm kind of sad this says limited edition, but I do hope this means a few items will come back permanently at some point.
Products in display - liquid liner, mascara, and lipstick.  

What new beauty products have you spotted at the drugstore? 

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